Here are three ways to finance a 2019 Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 is an exciting and relatively new vehicle for the Volvo lineup, and at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford we've got a great selection to choose from! The Volvo XC40 is a popular pick with young professionals who are looking to get their foot into the luxury Volvo family, and starting prices are around the mid-$30K range. Empty nesters who no longer needs a large SUV are also drawn to the Volvo XC40, as well as people who spend a lot of time in the city and want a nimble vehicle.

Financing Options

If you're sure the Volvo XC40 is the right Volvo SUV to take back to your garage, you'll want to keep in mind the three ways you can secure financing.

Traditional Methods: buying or leasing

The two traditional ways people finance a vehicle are by buying or leasing. With buying you'll pay a larger monthly payment for on average 60 months, but after you've paid the vehicle you'll be free from a car payment! You also have no mileage restrictions.

If you choose to lease a Volvo XC40 you'll only have it for about three years, which means you'll pay less each month. The final price comes down to your financing history, model of interest, and incentives, but it's not uncommon to pay almost 50% less for a lease than a car purchase! The one thing to keep in mind in that leases have mileage limits and overage fees can add up quickly.

The Care By Volvo Subscription Service

Another unique way Volvo lets you get a Volvo XC40 is through the Care By Volvo subscription service. With this you'll be able to pay an all-inclusive flat rate each month, and that rate also includes insurance as well as any maintenance and scheduled service needs! In as little as a year you can upgrade to your next new Volvo, though the actual program lasts for two years. The Volvo S60 is the other model you can get (as of now) with the Care By Volvo program.

For more information on how you can drive off with a stylish and fun-to-drive 2019 Volvo XC40, stop into our dealership.

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