Spring Is Here—What Services Does My Volvo Need for the Warmer Connecticut Weather?

Now that spring has sprung, our clients here in Stamford and the nearby Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, and New Canaan, CT are probably starting to think about springtime service and maintenance. After all, winter can be rough on your Volvo vehicle, which means it's time to show it a little TLC. Wondering what car services you should get now that spring is finally here? The team at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford has a few recommendations, so check them out and then schedule a service appointment for yourself! Might as well visit our maintenance special page to see if there's a service special or coupon to take advantage of, too. It's as easy as that!

Three Recommended Springtime Maintenance Items:

  1. Change Your Oil & Filters: This probably comes as no surprise, but that doesn't make it any less important—after a hard winter of driving, changing your oil and your engine's filter is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle. When oil gets old, it gets viscous and sludge-like, which won't lubricate your engine very well. Additionally, after a winter of driving, your oil filter has probably filtered out a lot of gunk, so do your engine a favor and replace the filter so it can keep up the good work!
  2. Replace Your Wiper Blades: Spring here in Stamford means showers, so if your wiper blades are frayed and cracked, they're not going to do very well when it comes time to clean your windscreen. With the cold temps of winter, your wiper blades a put through the ringer, which can leave them cracked and dry, leaving streaks when it rains. If you replace your blades now, when the springtime showers really arrive, you'll be well prepared.
  3. Wheel Alignment, Tire Rotation, & Balancing: Whether you change your tires during the winter or not, after a season of driving over rough roads, icy roads, and tons of snow, your suspension, wheels, or tires might be out of alignment, which can cause unnecessary vibrations in the cabin and an uncomfortable ride for you. Having someone rotate and balance your wheels can fix this issue for you and make sure your tires wear more evenly.
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