Care by Volvo: Subscribe to Convenience

When browsing our Volvo XC40 model inventory, you may have noticed how attractive this SUV is, with its sleek profile and unique appearance. What the Volvo XC40 offers that is completely unique is the Care By Volvo subscription feature. What are the highlights of this service? Here's a brief rundown, but you can reach out to our team at any point for clarification.

  • One Price: No hidden fees? No money down? That's the truth! Care by Volvo offers a monthly rate without putting money down.
  • Complete Coverage: Imagine having service, repairs, maintenance, and more covered under a single umbrella. With Care by Volvo, you get that and more.
  • Quality Service: Have some things taken off your plate, like pickup and drop-off of your vehicle when it requires a visit to our dealership for any reason.

Visit our dealership in Stamford serving Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, and New Canaan, Connecticut. We will be glad to show you around our current inventory and help you get on the Care by Volvo subscription plan today.

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