Healthy Tires Mean a Healthy Wallet

According to the Department of Energy, we waste over three million gallons of gas yearly due to poor tire maintenance. Tires that are underinflated or unbalanced force the car to work harder and burn more gas which translates into higher fuel costs.

The good news is this is preventable with correct tire care. If you look at your owners manual, it will state how often your vehicle should have its tires rotated. We provide this service at our location.

During the rotation, the professionals at our shop will check for irregular air pressure and balance which are the main culprits of wasted gas. Your tires are correctly adjusted for optimal traction and performance.

You can feel good knowing your well-maintained tires are not only decreasing fuel expenses, but they are also leaving a lower carbon footprint. Feel free to stop by so we can help you keep your tires in prime condition.
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