A tale of two quarts: Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil

As you pull into the garage, the technician asks a simple question, "Would you prefer conventional motor oil, or synthetic?" He points to a chart and you weigh your options. But how do you know for sure what your vehicle needs? Motor oil works by lubricating all the points of your engine that move, as the components inside rub against one another, oil works to reduce friction and is capable of withstanding tremendous heat.
Synthetic oil is a chemically crafted blend designed for higher performance vehicles and vehicles with high mileage. Whereas low mileage, late model domestic cars get along just fine on regular conventional motor oil.
As your vehicle gets up in mileage, synthetic oil is capable of withstanding the higher temperatures that an aging engine generates. Conventional motor oil is more than capable of handling these temperatures, but as engines age they shear off bits of metal that more easily clog conventional oil.
In short, high mileage or high performance - go synthetic.


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