Car Repair Tips for Stamford, CT Drivers

The deep freeze is fast upon us here in Stamford, CT. That means it's time to settle down for a long winter's nap. But just as Jack Frost never ceases nipping at your nose, so does the frightful weather outside continue to have its effects on your Volvo throughout the season. Now's a better time than ever to winterize that new car, wagon, or SUV. Heed a few pieces of advice from our auto repair pros here at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford to get ready to head over the river and through the woods from the holidays into the new year.

  • Stay current on your Volvo inspection. As we're experts on the Volvo lineup, our Stamford, CT car service center will be delighted to help. We'll check the battery in your new Volvo S60, the thermostat, heating system, and defroster in your V90 Cross Country, the coolant and brakes in your XC90, or any Volvo model and component in between.
  • Examine the quality of your lights. All should be shining brightly, continuously, and without debris in the lamp or yellowing on the light fascia, including your hazard lights. But as not every light's visible to you from the driver's seat when you press the brake, we can surely check them out for you here on-site.
  • Take a look at your tire quality. As figuring out tread quality goes, the penny test can be a good indicator, but it's not an exact science. If yours appear worn or broken, or if your tires won't stay inflated at the proper PSI, we can help diagnose and take care of the problem. Our auto service technicians can even switch your Volvo over to snow tires if you prefer the added peace of mind.
  • Check your engine oil and filter. When it's cold outside, motor oil tends to thicken, making everyday startup and operation more difficult on your engine. We'll be happy to flush and change it if your vehicle's factory-scheduled date's up, but if you'd prefer to do it yourself, be sure in the meantime to replace your old oil filter with a new one. Your radiator and heater hoses merit a look, too, while you're at it. If you notice cracks, a leak, or contaminants, you should address them post haste.
  • Review your windshield condition and its components. Spray nozzle clogs, an empty washer fluid tank, or wipers that scrape, streak, or skip can keep you from dashing through the snow with a clear view. Make sure obstructions are taken care of, your wipers are running on tank full of cold-temperature fluid, and your wipers can hack it through frost, slush, and debris. Replace anything that might require it. Our maintenance crew's got what you need.

If it's further advice you're looking for on something more specific, whether it's regular Volvo service, factory maintenance, or a more extensive car repair, you're welcome to get in touch with us here at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford. You can give us a friendly phone call, or, if you'd just like to pen yourself in for a visit, take advantage of doing so from the comfort of home using our convenient scheduling tool. We look forward to welcoming you here at 107 Myrtle Ave.!

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