Volvo S90: Where Luxury and Advanced Safety Intertwine

The refinement and elegance of the smooth Volvo S90 luxury sedan can’t be understated. But what about safety? Volvo has long been very respected for designing vehicles that are strong in this regard, with the S90 highlighting how thoughtful the considerations become.

The unique available safety suite of the Volvo S90 touches upon many aspects of the road and the potential obstacles you may find in your way at any given point. Available cyclist and large animal detection alerts you of an impending object in the road, giving you extra awareness throughout your travels. A feature even alerts you and adjusts when too close to lines or close to moving off of the road itself, keeping you safe in this manner.

The Volvo S90 is intricate in many ways, as peace of mind is one luxury that every driver deserves. Learn more about safety innovation in the Volvo S90 and discover more about this new Volvo model with a trip to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford in the near future.


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