Volvo Voice Control How-To

One underrated aspect of Volvo technology and innovation is the simple ease of use and accessibility of the digital connectivity within the vehicles themselves. Everything is laid out for convenience and top-notch accommodation from the very beginning, with access to features such as voice control highlighting how simple but effective your engagement can be.

Voice control can be activated from the steering wheel of your new Volvo model with the painless push of a button. Following the prompt, you can state the name, number or number type of the person you wish to connect with in a fluid tone. Just like that, your connection can be placed, all with your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road!

Voice control technology extends beyond phone calls, however, to other connective features such as personal music, radio and navigation. Learn more about voice control and the other technology available in a prospective Volvo model by paying us a showroom visit at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford today!


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